What Maketh the Witch

Author, Elisa Mary Gray, started with writer’s block when writing an article, began considering the question of where magic comes from and what is intent… and then ended up writing rather more than she initially expected in order to find the answers to her questions and her “heritage as a modern-day traditional witch”. The resulting book, What Maketh the Witch, is crammed full of her research and thoughts on questions around the topic.

The book begins with the origins of worship and ‘why gods’, then goes through a multitude of topics including what is Christianity, who is Satan (and a case of mistaken identity) and ends up with an attempt to define magic and answer the author’s ultimate question, What Maketh a Witch. Gray’s time and subject range is considerable: from the beginnings of mankind; through the times of the witch trials; to heavy metal music, current hate crimes and ‘witch’ sacrifices in Uganda and Ghana; to social media and #witchtok. Source material is equally broad including books from well-known authors such as Hutton, as well as current media and the internet.

The authors’ research from her initial questions resulted in much information and her concluding opinions give the reader a lot of food for thought. Some of her ideas you may agree with and some not so much – but together they result in a book jam packed with information!

What Maketh the Witch is not a book of personal experience nor a ‘how to’ book; it’s more an abundance of questions and ideas, researched (for evidence) then listed, which gets more into its flow as it continues and certainly has its virtues as a valid analysis. An interesting read and one for those who would like an involved thought-provoking read about the development of witchcraft and magical practice.

Book Details: Elisa Mary Gray. What Maketh the Witch. Green Magic (1 Oct. 2021). ISBN: 978-183813247

Review Details: What Maketh the Witch was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 52.

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