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Shamanism Books is owned by Indie Shaman, a small ethical independent UK based organisation. Indie Shaman has been a resource centre for shamanism, animism and all things shamanic since 2006 and we publish the UK’s only magazine on shamanism available directly in print from an independent publisher. Indie Shaman magazine is a quarterly glossy, high quality magazine printed on FSC paper with 48 pages packed full of informative, illustrated articles. Designed for those interested in shamanism, animism, eco-spirituality and people interested in living ethically according to shamanic principles, Indie Shaman magazine is distributed throughout the UK and internationally. Available directly from us in print as well as in PDF format.

Indie Shaman’s main website also contains our Community Resources page has free resources and information for anyone interested in shamanism including: a Shamanic Practitioner Register/list; a Course and Training Providers List; Events Listings; Shamanic Drum Circle Listings and details of our private shamanic chat group on Facebook. Plus our Features section/blog with interesting articles you can read online – some which were featured previously in Indie Shaman magazine and some just for our website.

This website, Shamanism Books, is a book review website with free access for members of the public looking for information on books on shamanism and related topics/fiction.

For more information on our full range of activities please visit Indie Shaman.



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