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ReadingBookWelcome to Shamanism Books where you will find a wide range of book reviews aimed at people interested in shamanism, animism, spirituality and related topics.

Our book reviews are written to give you information as well as opinion about book content and you can browse by topic, book title or by specific author.  We also have a small fiction, divination card and music/CD section featuring items we thought would be of interest, entitled ‘Soul and Spirit’.

On most reviews there is also an opportunity to buy directly via the website when you see something you like (please note the links for buying won’t appear if you use an ad blocker unless you disable it for shamanismbooks.co.uk). We receive a small commission if you buy via these links which helps with the costs of running this website.

Commenting under reviews is most welcome so if you would like to post a comment on a book you have read or music you have listened to please do!

Congratulations to the winner from our last Free Lucky Draw Competition!
Large White Sage Smudge Stick

Yvonne Ryves won a smudge kit consisting of: one large White Sage smudge stick; one large Abalone Shell; and 1 oz of Palo Santo Wood Sticks (Holy Wood).

Palo Santo

All of the items are still available to buy in our shop at https://shamanismshop.co.uk/ and all our smudge items are ethically sourced. Our premium quality white sage smudge sticks are environmentally and sustainably collected in California by Juniper Ridge. The abalone shells are farmed sustainably in South Africa; all the abalone is used, the meat is exported to Japan where it is very popular. The Palo Santo Wood is a fair-trade product traditionally, legally and ethically gathered and harvested in Northern Peru and packaged by Fluorescent Ranch in Colorado.

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