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What are good books on shamanism? How can I find an interesting book on nature and eco-spirituality? A book for a shamanic beginner? Books that influenced other shamanic practitioners? Books about working with nature and plant medicine?

Welcome to Shamanism Books where we hope we can help with a wide range of book reviews aimed at people interested in shamanism, animism, spirituality, eco-spirituality, environmental spirituality, paganism and related topics.

Our book reviews are aimed to give you information about book content so you can decide for yourself whether or not a book is of interest to you. We only publish reviews of books on relevent topics we think may be of interest to someone; we are reviewers with experience in the field we are writing about rather than ‘critics’.

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We have a wide range of categories of books which also includes a small fiction section as well as divination cards and music which we think will be of interest.

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I hope you find what you are looking for and enjoy the reviews. Commenting under reviews is most welcome so if you would like to post a comment on a book you have read or music you have listened to please do!

And finally, most of the reviews on this website have previously featured in Indie Shaman magazine, I am June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman and yes, (for those who have asked) the photo at the top of this page is me (but it was taken in 2007 so I’m a fair bit older now)