Journeys with Plant Spirits

As Emma Farrell, states “The way that plant consciousness is becoming common knowledge is a staggering shift in recent years and one that is … just in time” and her book, Journeys with Plant Spirits, is a fantastic exploration of working with plant spirit healing. Beginning with a generous sharing of her own life experiences, the author’s own ‘Plant Story’, this book continues with an in-depth exploration of the topic containing both theories and a practical guide to the use of natural magic.

The first half of the book sets the foundation for working with plant spirits. Then in part two there are detailed descriptions of thirteen individual plant spirits native to the British Isles, including precautions, and meditations or practices for the reader to try: Mugwort; Oak; Hawthorn; Nettle; Dandelion; Alder; Lady’s Mantle; Rosemary; Fireweed; Wormwood; Angelica; Elder; and Yew. There is also a useful appendix giving a basic step by step guide for working with a plant diet.

An essential book for anyone wanting to begin or continue their own “journey into the inner realms of plants and trees”, Journeys with Plant Spirits is packed with authentic insights, inspirations and experiential practices for the reader to try; starting with a meditation technique from the Dzogchen Buddhist tradition from which you can achieve a ‘state of grace’ ideal for use before beginning any other of the practices given later in the book.

Emma Farrell has spent many years immersed in the worlds of plant lore, Celtic shamanism and Buddhist philosophy, undertaking many plant diets and connecting with the Otherworld and plant spirits. Her experience and love for working – and living – with plants shines throughout this book. If you want to begin, or continue, your own journey with plants and trees, the path of plant consciousness, then Journeys with Plant Spirits is highly recommended!

Book Details: Emma Farrell. Journeys with Plant Spirits. Bear & Company (17 Feb. 2022). ISBN: 978-1591434078

Review Details: Journeys with Plant Spirits was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 52.

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