Looking Back on the Future

Looking Back on the Future by Chandra Sun Eagle is a fascinating book centred around the author’s learnings on the ancient teachings of Andean spirituality and how these relate to the world that we live in today. As with most books that begin from a place of personal storytelling, one of my favourite parts was reading the opening introduction about Sun Eagle’s gradual journey to birthing the book and how ultimately, the blessing she received via Mama Coca and two paqos (Andean medicine people) were the final confirmation she needed, after many signs from Spirit along the way, to bring the book into creation.

The book is split into several other opening sections in which the author eloquently discusses the background to the great cosmic invitation that is being extended to us all at this time – a time which the “wisdom keepers and the mystics of the Peruvian Andes refer to as ‘The Golden Age’”; this being “a time in which we will encounter the true and authentic aspects of our Spiritual Nature and our Oneness with all Life.”

Sun Eagle then delves into exploring each of the 7 Saiwas (universal laws) and how living in Ayni (sacred reciprocity) cultivates a conscious and interwoven relationship with the world of living energy, peppering in examples from her own life’s spiritual voyage as she brings forth wisdom relating to each Saiwa.

The book provides some useful introductory material about the Andean tradition throughout. I did find that I had to absorb and digest the chapters in modest parts because it was broadly unfamiliar but it was pleasingly rich information to soak up. The abundance of luminosity and light behind these ancient teachings is apparent in this book and as such, I enjoyed savouring what Sun Eagle shares in small, medicinal chunks.

Book Details: Chandra Sun Eagle. Looking Back on the Future. Moon Books (30 July 2021). ISBN: 978-1789046588

Review Details: Belonging to the Earth was reviewed by Em Mulholland, sub-editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 52.

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