Belonging to the Earth

Belonging to the Earth, by Julie Brett is a collection of reflections, reminiscences and conversations shared with the reader as she relates her journey of exploring how to reconcile her Druidic beliefs and customs with the indigenous beliefs and customs of her adopted home in Australia.

Although the concept of ‘belonging to the Earth’ is a common one among indigenous cultures, a deeper look into just how this is expressed by her Aboriginal neighbours plays an important role in the author’s desire to honour both their ways and those of her ancestors.

A number of conversations with Aboriginal elders, or ‘Uncles’ and ‘Aunties’, give voice to the stewards of this land and the issues important to them. They make it clear that it is not only important to address environmental issues but also to return to traditional ways of living. In the words of Uncle Bruce, “That’s how we survived for eighty plus thousands of years. We had a system in place that was given to us by the Great Creator since the beginning of time, so I think that’s how we live sustainably with our environment.”

These conversations are held against a backdrop of environmental upheavals such as uncontrolled wildfires and flooding, made worse by global climate change, a direct result of humankind falling out of balance with the Earth. The response is to bring gifts of beauty to an injured landscape, to perform ceremonies and acts of creation, to come back into harmony. In the words of the author, “This is how we respond to a world in crisis because this is how we should always respond to the Earth – as a part of her, responsible for her, and to her, grateful for all she gives us in return.”

Julie Brett is also author of Australian Druidry: Connecting with the Sacred Landscape and founded the online networking group, Druids Down Under.

Book Details: Julie Brett. Belonging to the Earth. Moon Books (25 Feb. 2022). ISBN: 978-1789049695

Review Details: Belonging to the Earth was reviewed by Crow MacKinnon for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 52.

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