We are all used to seeing books dealing with various ‘end of days’ scenarios due to pollution, environmental degradation and the other results of human greed and lack of care; of which I am sure, the readers of this magazine are only too well aware. Most of these are factual or works of theory and ‘best outcome’.

Transition is different; Transition is a work of fiction that brings you face to face with the very human ‘hard slog’ side of all those post-technological works.

The author explores many of the facts and theories talked of in those other books but they arise naturally from the lives and hopes of her human (sometimes very human) characters, the challenges they face and how they overcome them.

Transition means ‘change’, ‘progression’, ‘metamorphosis’ and this book is the tale of Steve, Charlie, Sylvie, Leo and others; a group of people, much like us, living through these days of climate change and the times beyond. Transition relates the changes and progressions they experience – practical, spiritual, personal and collective – in their struggle to create a sustainable and self-sufficient way of living and tells of how all existence is ultimately “touched by the hand of the sacred”.

There are people (like your reviewer) who may doubt some of the ideas expressed in this book – there are others who will agree with them wholeheartedly – but, whatever your point of view, by placing a human face on the tale of global metamorphosis, Anne Fallas has achieved that most important goal of any author; a good story well told, that holds the reader from beginning to end, on an important subject – the future and our place within it.

Book Details: Anne Fallas. Transition. Peacock Press (28 April 2020). ISBN: 978-1912271603

Review Details: Transition was reviewed by Martin Pallot for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was  published in Issue 45.

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