Earth Spirit Dreaming

There is a need for us to reconnect with the Earth in order to learn to live differently – something needed both by the earth and for our own survival. In Earth Spirit Dreaming we return to animism to connect with Gaia and our ecological selves through a collection of shamanic ecotherapy practices and rituals that give us an on-going ‘everyday’ connection and commitment.

So many of the environmental thoughts shared within Earth Spirit Dreaming resonated with me, particularly maybe because I ended up reviewing it during a period when we were all on ‘coronavirus lockdown’! As the author says “We need to slow down. Do less. Be less. Make less. Produce less. Throw away less…”, something which is being enforced on us at the current time.

The first three chapters of the book are an introduction to the Earth Spirit Dreaming method and guidance on how to use the book. These are followed by sections providing a total of 39 exercises or rituals and the context behind each one, under three ‘steps’: earth-connecting, spirit-connecting and dream-connecting. Meacham incorporates mindfulness techniques into many of the practices as these offer simple and proven ways to slow down the mind and awaken the senses. There is a variety to choose from, from the very small to those much larger, so that every reader should be able to find something that both resonates with them and fits into their lives.

The main assets of this book are these exercises; as the author says “If you feel you are absolutely too busy to do nothing, then you are most in need of doing nothing” and I would add that if you feel you are too busy to fit in some Earth Spirit Dreaming rituals into your life then you are possibly most in need of them.

Book Details: Elizabeth E. Meacham. Earth Spirit Dreaming. Findhorn Press (5 Mar. 2020). ISBN: 978-1620559871

Review Details: Earth Spirit Dreaming was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was  published in Issue 44.

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