Broken Skies

Broken Skies is a tale inspired by the discovery of the Gobekli Tepe in southwest Turkey and by legends telling of a race of gods, angels or demons who could shape shift into the form of animals, fly like birds and had skills in medicine, magic, agriculture and astronomy. These legends also talk of the calamitous war that arose from a difference of opinion on the teaching of these forbidden gifts.

Set at the dawn of civilisation, following a comet falling to Earth with devastating effect, Broken Skies tells the story of the ancient peoples who could have lived at that time and the first rift between them. The Anunnaki (Wolf People) believed the people should stay on the ruined meadows of the Dilmun. The Irin (Watchers) left from the plains of Harran, shared their knowledge with the clans and built the ‘Enduring’ to ensure a disaster like this would never happen again. But it did. Livia knew the Irin had lost their way and believed the Anunnaki had too; she believed they would have to come together to survive.

If you like well-written fiction where you can immerse yourself in a richly imagined, highly evolved world with complex characters facing physical, spiritual and moral challenges realistic to the time and place they are living in, you will love Broken Skies. And it’s book one in a series so there is more to come!

Book Details: Hannah Spencer. Broken Skies. Independently published (12 Feb. 2020). ISBN: 978-1658763660

Review Details: Broken Skies was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was  published in Issue 45.

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