Thai Occult Road Trip

Thai Occult Road Trip is an audio celebration of Sheer Zed’s admiration and fascination with the magical occult system of Thai Lanna Buddhism; the incidences and memories of his 2018 trip to Northern Thailand being recalled in immersive experimental electronic trance.

The four tracks range from 7 to 15 minutes long. Track 1, Triple Jing Jok Sak is a gentle tribute to Sheer Zed’s 3 Sak Yants (magical tattoos). A Jing Jok is a lizard, lizards being viewed as very lucky in Thai culture and each of the nine Jing Joks having a very specific purpose. Track 2, Kom Hit Target, has a heavier and more oppressive sound, highly suited to its topic of kom (controlling) – a suppressive spell instigated in graveyards to reduce the power of the person targeted, usually with the aid of a ghost. Track 3, Chanting Katas for Two Dead Birds, is musical with overtones reminiscent of the birds it is dedicated to. The final track, Thai Occult Road Trip, is the longest and its feeling of movement and bursts of sound sum up the life changing experiences of Sheer Zed’s journey.

Meditative, surreal and hypnotic Thai Occult Road Trip is perfect for anyone who likes to share their journeys in life with eclectic, electronic music.

Details: Thai Occult Road Trip. Artwork and Production: Sheer Zed. Mastering: P23 at Sombre Soniks Studios (February 2019).

Review Details: Thai Occult Road Trip was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 40.

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