The Healing Code of Nature

The Healing Code of Nature is a thesis on eco-psychosomatics, the study of the close connection between mind, body, and nature – a new science of environmental medicine that could potentially revolutionise our modern day health care system. This scientific perspective on how Nature benefits us mentally and physically is important in persuading those involved in healthcare that the healing code of Nature is not just ‘esoteric nonsense’.

This is the second book I have read and reviewed by Clemens G Arvay, the other being The Biophilia Effect (2018 Sounds True). Detailing at length research from the studies, clinical trials and reports from various scientists around the world, The Healing Code of Nature is a more academic read, while The Biophilia Effect blends scientific knowledge with spiritual practice, exercises and practical ideas.

A very well researched book The Healing Code of Nature contains a multitude of scientific research, experiential studies and analysis which would be invaluable to students of eco-philosophy, ecology, epigenetics and similar studies as well as those wanting to read more about the science behind the biophilia effect.

Book Details: Clemens G. Arvay. The Healing Code of Nature. Sounds True Inc (1 Sept. 2018).  ISBN: 978-1683640318.

Review Details: The Healing Code of Nature was reviewed by Joe Caudwell for Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 40.

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