Numerology is a language of numbers and letters but fortunately Numerology is not just another book full of number and letter charts!

Containing information to help the reader get to know the numbers and how to work out your own birth and name number, including a couple of very useful examples of in-depth number interpretation, Numerology aims to help you develop your own understanding rather than giving you generic answers. As author Elen Sentier says “This book doesn’t give you a set of didactic interpretations – that would mean you’d have to fit yourself into my box and my ideas … but it does give you basic concepts which have stood the tests of time.”

Towards the end of the book are some interesting exercises to help you work with numbers e.g. ‘body knowing’, and ‘contacting your spirit’. And it is also well worth reading the prologue!

Numerology is written in Sentier’s inimitable down-to-earth style, accessible and entertaining while being highly informative, and based in her lifelong work as an awenydd (one who knows, British tradition ‘shaman’). An enjoyable, very interesting and recommended read for anyone interested in numerology, whether you are new to it, have only previously ‘dipped your toes in’ like me, or are looking to explore the subject further.

Book Details:  Elen Sentier. Numerology. Moon Books (22 Feb. 2019). ISBN: 978-1782796565

Review Details: Numerology was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 40.

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