Rhiannon: Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons is part of the Moon Books ‘Pagan Portals’ series; an introductory yet in-depth look at Rhiannon and her appearances in mythology; posing the question whether she can be regarded as a goddess and investigating where the mythologies about her originated.

There are no known temples or other devotional evidence to Rhiannon’s existence. Author, Jhenah Telyndru, uses the early chapters to build up a picture of the lady who is believed to be Rhiannon, through appearances in the different branches of the Y Mabinogi and other sources of Celtic mythology.

From there Jhenah goes on to give the reader ideas about how to build up your own relationship with Rhiannon. By using chants, songs and drumming journeys you can work towards meeting her. I enjoyed following this practical advice and was impressed that I connected with Rhiannon on my own journey.

I think this book is for anyone interested in building or strengthening their relationship with Rhiannon. It is well researched, clearly written and very readable.

Book Details: Jhenah Telyndru. Pagan Portals – Rhiannon. Moon Books (27 April 2018). ISBN: 978-1785354687

Review Details: Rhiannon was reviewed by Karon Lyne for Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 37.

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