Primal Awareness

Primal Awareness is a short history of humanity’s separation from Nature and the world of spirits. Each chapter details the ‘evolution’ of our race. This tragic history is portrayed as a decline, rather than a progression, for humankind. With great clarity, Rob explains how the plight of the modern world is a result of us severing our links with the true essence of Nature and its energies and forces. Right back into pre-history our ancestors developed language and began to name and organize mentally the world around them. This led to the communication and ownership of knowledge, usually by an elite few, who used this for the betterment of themselves and for gaining power over the rest of the populace. The birth and development of cities, industry, science and capitalism are all explained through this philosophy.

Rob confirms that when we were hunter gatherers, dependent on our senses for survival, we would have had a more heartfelt and intimate relationship with the realm of spirit. Rob writes “We were all shamans once”. The creation of Gods in the human mind and the structuring of an authoritarian church onto society has meant that we have lost our true direction and purpose.

I agree with a recent review that Primal Awareness is ‘a book that calls you home’. I found the book to be a consolation and a comfort because at the end of each chapter there are clear exercises and ways of reconnecting ourselves with our original primal awareness, enabling us to once again live with love for the great source of all that is! Recommended – an inspiring book!

Book Details: Rob Wildwood. Primal Awareness. Moon Books (26 Jan. 2018). ISBN: 978-1785356568.

Review Details: Primal Awareness was reviewed by Joe Caudwell for Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 36.

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