Faerie Stones

Faerie Stones is a very well researched exploration of the folklore and faeries associated with stones and crystals, including chapters on 26 individual stones detailing their geology, history, mythology and incorporeal aspects.

Beginning with information about finding stones, including thoughts on ethics and information about caring for your own stones and crystals very useful for the beginner, Faerie Stones also contains plenty of original material ideal for the more experienced practitioner. Part three details various ‘shapes’ of quartz and I discovered that one of my favourite quartz pieces, brought many years ago when I was having housing difficulties because holding this particular piece of rainbow quartz gave me a feeling of hope, is actually a ‘fairy castle’ quartz and very relevantly connected to “making our houses into homes”. The book also includes information on the human energy system including the chakras and auric field and the stones connected with them.

A fascinating look into the world of faeries, stones and crystals; relating a wide variety of mythologies and traditions about nature spirits as well as containing comprehensive guides to a large selection of stones and crystals, plus meditation exercises for readers to try themselves. Another very useful and highly informative book from author, Ceri Norman, Faerie Stones is perfect for anyone interested in working with nature spirits, stones and crystals.

Book Details: Ceri Norman. Faerie Stones. Moon Books (30 Mar. 2018). ISBN: 978-1785357190

Review Details: Faerie Stones was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 37.

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