Australian Druidry

Australian Druidry is a book full of meaning and insight. I found it both useful and thought provoking. Julie Brett was led to write the book through a desire to create a stronger connection with the landscape in which she lives. Druidry is normally associated with the Northern Hemisphere, and its rituals and ceremonies are predominantly based on the seasonal changes experienced in Europe. Julie wanted to create a framework for connecting with Nature that would have depth and meaning for people who lived ‘Down Under’. She has endeavoured to do this sensitively, without copying the traditions of the Aboriginal Australians. What is particularly praiseworthy about this book is the way it encourages us to connect with the Nature around us and to find our own unique ways of honouring the spirits of the Ancestors and of land, sea and sky. Through careful observation, research and trial and error, she has been able to write a refreshing take on the wheel of the year and the natural flora and fauna that surrounds her. Her writing on how to create relevant and engaging ceremonies will be useful to anyone who wants to honour their local environment, wherever it may be.

Book Details: Julie Brett. Pagan Portals – Australian Druidry. Moon Books (29 Sept. 2017). ISBN: 978-1785353703.

Review Details: Australian Druidry was reviewed by Joe Caudwell for Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 37.

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