Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet

Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet has a basic premise that seems so simple that you can’t help wondering why no one has thought of it before.

Generally speaking, books on Astrology tend to emphasise the incoming influences and energies that affect and move through us and our home planet. This book turns that idea on its head and examines the one aspect of that influence and energy which, considering our closeness to it, might well have the greatest effect on us all; the Earth herself.

Beginning with an historical overview and an explanation of the astrological significance of the Sun, Moon and other planets; Chrissie Blaze then goes on to describe how to locate the Earth in your own horoscope, the influence she has throughout the signs of the Zodiac and also on the twelve houses of an individual’s chart. This forms the main body of the book.

Chrissie then provides advice and exercises enabling the reader to attune more closely to the Earth not just astrologically but physically and spiritually also.

As a whole, this book examines an element that has been missing from many other works on this subject; there is something here not only for astrologers but environmentalists, spiritual seekers and humanitarians too, as we move into the unknown future of the twenty first century.

It is an informative and thoughtful blend of science and spirituality, written with clarity and perception. If you are looking for the next chapter in the story of Astrology’s enlightening journey, or feel a connection with the Earth and wish to explore the fascinating possibilities of her influence on your life; then this is the book for your shelves.

Book Details: Chrissie Blaze. Earth – Astrology’s Missing Planet: Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power. Dodona Books (23 Feb. 2018). ISBN: 978-1785356629

Review Details: Earth – Astrology’s Missing Planet was reviewed by Martin Pallot for Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 37.

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