Advanced Shamanism

Advanced Shamanism is a guide to over thirty practices, sharing the wisdom and techniques the author has learned through decades of working with many shamans and teachers worldwide.

It gives instruction, both practical and spiritual, on a variety of subjects from sacred fire ceremonies and shamanic death and rebirth to lucid dreaming and working with animal totems and spirit guides; including responsibly retaining that spirit in a sacred bundle or altar and working with it in healing.

The book also examines the biological basis for spiritual experiences and the connections between various levels of consciousness, brain states and shamanic perceptions; along the way showing how quantum physics may be the scientific manifestation of shamanic expression (something this reviewer has long felt to be the case!)

In fifteen in-depth chapters, author James Endredy brings together modern research and ancient wisdom in a way that marries science and spirit while still maintaining a level of accessibility and interest that easily holds the attention of the non-specialist reader. And this book understands the fallibility of that reader too; at the end reference is made to those of us who may want to go back and try the exercises we skipped first time round since they may well be the most needed!

Some of the exercises are difficult and require a level of dedication and preparation that some might find a little daunting however, as the author says, “This phenomenon that we call Shamanism is for indigenous cultures a life long calling and pursuit”.  It deserves the same level of honour and respect from us and this book is an assured step along that learning and ever turning path.

Book Details: James Endredy. Advanced Shamanism: The Practice of Conscious Transformation. Bear & Company (8 March 2018). ISBN: 978-1591432838.

Review Details: Advanced Shamanism was reviewed by Martin Pallot for Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 37.

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