Plant Spirit Reiki

As a Reiki-trained self-practitioner who has recently moved to the countryside after 50 years in the city, I was very interested to read Plant Spirit Reiki. I was hoping the book would help me to get in contact with my local environment and learn ways to get deeper into nature. I was not disappointed. In fact, Plant Spirit Reiki is fizzing with ideas to bring Reiki and plants/nature together.

Divided into three parts, the book combines so many ideas that it would be impossible to list them in this review. The first part, Weaving the Green Thread, gives suggestions on how to get in contact with nature, plants and trees. I particularly liked how accessible these all were. The author explains how easily anyone with a garden or who lives near a park can get out and make contact with a tree. She also gives her readers the confidence to develop their intuition by connecting with whichever trees call to them. Many of the practices in the book base themselves on the Gassho meditation which I found delightful.

The second part of the book, Plant Power for Your Reiki Practice, is full of methods to honour the natural world. The author gives numerous creative ways of honouring many things such as the elements and chakras; using Reiki along with meditations, drumming and visualisations. Helpfully, the meditations and visualisations set out in the book can also be listened to on the author’s website.

The third part, Sharing Plant Spirit Reiki, gives ideas for using nature in conjunction with Reiki treatments. Again there are so many creative approaches, that can be used either personally or as part of a professional practice. And on top of that, in amongst all the explanations and ideas the reader also gets to know the author and to learn about her personal and interesting journey.

I think Plant Spirit Reiki is a very well-written book and would recommend it to anyone interested in bringing in spiritual ideas and practices to their love of the natural world and Reiki.

Book Details: Fay Johnstone. Plant Spirit Reiki. Findhorn Press (October 2020). ISBN: 978- 1644111048.

Review Details: Plant Spirit Reiki was reviewed by Karon Lyne for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 48.

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