Finding Your Deep Soul

Finding Your Deep Soul is Volume 3 in Paul Francis Therapeutic Shamanism series. Subtitled Guidance for Authentic Living Through Shamanic Practice the book continues the exploration of the lower world begun in Rewilding your Soul; the two books together providing a “thorough and in-depth understanding of the lower-word and its vital place in Therapeutic Shamanic practice”.

The author employs both shamanic wisdom and contemporary psychotherapy, including a variety of exercises in the book aimed to help the reader ‘de-programme’ their self from the unhealthy stories and ideas of modern society and discover their true nature – their Soul.

As the the author states “Therapeutic Shamanism draws .. heavily on the practice of Person-Centred counselling”. And in Finding Your Deep Soul the psychotherapy basis of Francis’ Therapeutic Shamanism is perhaps more obvious than in the previous books, particularly from chapter 4 where the author shares some of his own story and analysis; chapter 5 then including information on theories such as the ‘Drama Triangle’ from Transactional Analysis psychotherapy. And the exercises in this section reflect this, being a from mixture of both practices.

Francis’ writing is always eloquent, interesting and informative and Finding Your Deep Soul is no exception. His Therapeutic Shamanism series is a transformative, experiential, learning experience so this book is packed full of exercises.  Personally, the exercise on ‘becoming human’ in chapter 3 is a journey I have experienced myself shamanically and one I would advise everyone to undertake. It gives you a perspective you never lose.

Book Details: Finding Your Deep Soul. Paul Francis (14 Oct. 2019). ISBN: 978-0995758698

Review Details: Finding Your Deep Soul was reviewed by by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 48.

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