Pagan Dreaming

Pagan Dreaming doesn’t give readers the usual ‘glib answers about what your dreams mean’ but instead offers a wide range of information and ideas to help you make sense of your dreams on your own terms.

As author Nimue Brown says, dream interpretation books proliferate the market and I agree with her perspective that when we start with a ‘dictionary of dream meanings’ we lose a lot that could be gained by taking a broader perspective, beginning with meeting dreams on our own terms. Brown’s own background is in Druidry, but as she states, spiritual dreaming is not a uniquely Druidic activity and shamanic traditions around the world also work with dreaming. Some of the advice in Pagan Dreaming is also excellent for interpreting shamanic journeying, including that you should trust your own insight as well as that “understanding a dream is a process of letting the things it speaks of truly enter your consciousness” rather than rushing to find a quick generic interpretation of any symbolism.

There really is something for everyone in Pagan Dreaming which covers topics including: dreams driven by our bodies; sleep dysfunction; day to day learning dreams; dreams driven by our emotions; working with dreams; courting good dreams; interpreting your dream symbolism; developing dreamwork, keeping a dream diary; healing dreams, dreams as a spiritual practice and re-wilding your sleep. Brown also generously shares extracts from her own dream diary.

Pagan Dreaming is a book chocked full of wisdom and immensely readable; written in a down to earth, approachable and enjoyable style. Very highly recommended and if it isn’t already a best seller it should be as it is, quite simply, the best none culturally specific book on dreaming, working with dreams and dream interpretation that I’ve read!

Book Details: Nimue Brown. Pagan Dreaming. Moon Books (28 Aug. 2015). ISBN: 978-1785350900

Review Details: Pagan Dreaming was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 33.

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