Calling Us Home

Calling Us Home shares teachings from author Chris Lüttichau’s 35-year study of shamanism and earth-wisdom; practices, which Lüttichau explains, run parallel to each other ultimately meeting together.

Lüttichau states that he was “taught that a human being needs to be able to hold four attentions in order for her mind not to be taken over by other forces” and there are chapters on each of these attentions: awareness and ‘being present’; not allowing random thoughts to dominate your consciousness; ‘look for the teaching’ (that we can learn from every experience) and ‘let the little child play’ (movement and changing your state of mind). Exercises are given for the reader to apply these four attentions to their own life.

Further exercises contained in Calling Us Home include: meditating in nature; grounding, centring and protection; how to smudge; a power animal meditation and spirit guide meditation.  Lüttichau was also taught the chakras and there are chapters on working with each of the centres e.g. crown centre, heart centre.

Calling Us Home is about using shamanic and earth-based techniques for ‘becoming your own healer’ rather than ‘how to become a shamanic practitioner’, although it does also contain very well-researched information on the history and definitions of animism and shamanism. It’s also a very articulate, easy and interesting read. As such I’d recommend it as highly suitable for beginners and also for anyone who wants to expand their background knowledge of shamanism or explore meditation and consciousness from a perspective of earth-based spirituality.

Book Details: Chris Lüttichau. Calling Us Home. Head of Zeus (9 Mar. 2017). ISBN: 978-1784979751

Review Details: Calling Us Home was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 33.

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