One Hundred Tips To Love Your Life!

One Hundred Tips To Love Your Life! 

One Hundred Tips To Love Your Life is exactly what it says on the tin (or book cover).  Containing one hundred snippets, each one on its own page,

One Hundred Tips can be used as a lovely little daily oracle or thought for the day.  Like oracle cards you can open a page and see if the tip you see resonates with something relevant to you at this moment and give thought to the suggestions designed to inspire.  Or if you prefer you can start with tip #1 and work your way you to the 100th tip.   A lovely little book – I just got tip #48 so am planning taking a break to get that Friday feeling even though its only Wednesday!

 One Hundred Tips To Love Your Life was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman magazine

Nicky Marshall, One Hundred Tips To Love Your Life, Completelynovel (30 May 2012), ISBN-10: 1849141436, ISBN-13: 978-1849141437



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