A Healer of Souls

A Healer of Souls

Dawn Paul’s book is full of her experiences as well as practical, down to earth advice about living a happier, more fulfilled life.

Each section is on a particular subject, with her own experiences, client notes and guidance and her thoughts on a variety of subjects from living your purpose to reconciling your past.

I like the way Dawn writes, she doesn’t tell you what to do – far from it – but shares her own beliefs and thoughts while encouraging the reader to develop their own. In each section there are questions to work through to assist coming to your own conclusions.

Enjoyable, enlightening and comprehensive.

 A Healer of Souls was reviewed by Nicky Marshall, author of One Hundred Tips To Love Your Life

Dawn Paul, A Healer of Souls, O-books (2012), ISBN-10: 1780993552, ISBN-13: 978-1780993553



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