Journeys is a series of three guided meditations, shamanic in nature. Starting with a balancing/grounding meditation, this CD also has a meditation designed to help you meet your guide and ends with one you can use for further work in the Middle World with your own focus and guide.

Throughout the CD Lily provides clear explanations of every part of the process; together with background information, hints and tips on working with your guide, and recording and interpreting you own experiences.   Lily’s very good, practical and clear guidance is interspersed between meditations without causing any distraction during the meditations themselves.

One of the strengths of Lily’s guided meditations are in the simplicity of the recording itself. Lily’s friendly flowing voice gently guides the listener alongside subtle background sounds including drumbeat and maracas.   This simple use of rhythm makes it easy for the listener to relax and follow Lily’s voice along the path of the journeys into the tranquil landscape Lily evokes.

I highly recommend Journeys for those taking their first steps into shamanic development or other similar practices. The first guided meditation on this CD would also be very useful for anyone who would benefit from using a short regular guided grounding exercise to complement their own practice.

Review Details: Journeys was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine

Buy: Journeys is available from Lily Oak at Hedgewitchery Books

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