There’s something very enchanting about Iza Moon’s Journey. It could be Iza’s melodic lilting voice, whether telling a story as with tracks The Butterfly Story and The Story of Gladys, singing unaccompanied as she does in the opening track Rain Pitta Patta or alongside her guitar as in two of my favourite tracks Cleanse Our Souls and Healing Light. It could be the poetic simplicity of both her lyrics and voice. Or that the CD in its entirety is a story, a journey.

Journey sooths and enthrals the listener into switching off, letting go and drifting away. So put on the CD, take some time, relax… and let it take you to an inner place of stillness and serenity.

For more information and to buy visit Iza Moon. In addition Iza has a Facebook page

It’s also well worth contacting Iza about her beautifully created Full Moon Fire Ceremony; a booklet and CD based on ancient tradition and inspired during Iza’s Shamanic Medicine Wheel training. With guidance and music Full Moon Fire Ceremony is a wonderful tool to assist you in creating your own fire ceremony.

Details and to Buy: For more information and to buy visit Iza Moon.

Review Details: Journey was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine

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