Faerie Forest

As Ceri Norman states in her book “trees are amazing … ancient guardians of nature, providing sustenance and shade for many beings both in this realm and beyond … acting as the lungs of the earth; they are crucial to her well–being and in many ways to our own”.

Equally Faerie Forest provides sustenance for the mind bringing a vast abundance of information on seven magical trees: the oak; ash; thorn (hawthorn and blackthorn); elder; apple and birch, and exploring the Northern European folklore surrounding them. Drawing on folklore, mythology, poetry and other sources Faerie Forest contains information about the trees themselves and the many legends and tales surrounding them, including ancient laws and practices.

Faerie Forest also contains useful suggestions on how you can connect to the spirit of each tree at the end of each section, with part three of the book moving onto useful exercises including how you can meet and work with the faeries of the trees for yourself. These exercises can easily be adapted to different types of tree or faerie according to your own path and inclinations.

A very informative and useful eBook I would recommend Faerie Forest for anyone interested in the spiritual, magical or sacred aspects of trees and the spiritual otherworld of nature.

Book Details: Ceri Norman, Faerie Forest: An Exploration of the Folklore and Faeries Surrounding Seven Magical Trees, Celtic Cauldron (31 Mar 2013), Kindle edition.

Review Details: Faerie Forestwas reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman magazine.

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