The Gospel of Falling Down

As Mark Townsend writes in The Gospel of Falling Down “The spiritual teachers of the East say that most of us spend our lives looking without seeing, missing what is right under our noses.  Spirituality is about seeing, waking up out of a deep sleep, remembering what was forgotten, cleansing the lenses”.

One of the things we usually misinterpret is our own human failings, missing that it is through the challenges of what we perceive as failure that we make the greatest discoveries.

Mark points out that “It is not in “climbing the ladder of perfection” that we meet God, but in falling from it” and as a non-Christian this perspective works for me also be it God, Goddess, Great Spirit or our ‘best’ or higher self that we are wanting to meet.

The Gospel of Falling Down is written with a frank honesty which allows the reader to share the author’s personal experience of vulnerability, faults and failings which is very refreshing viewpoint for a clergyman and brings a sense of freedom to all of those who feel they are not always making the grade (that’ll be every human being then!)

Primarily this book is written from a Christian perspective but also contains gems from other practices such as eastern meditation and certainly contains a message every reader can benefit from.

Book Details: Mark Townsend, The Gospel of Falling Down, O Books (26 Jan 2007), ISBN: 978-1846940095

Review Details: The Gospel of Falling Down was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of  Indie Shaman magazine.

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