The Dream Whisperer

The Dream Whisperer

The Dream Whisperer“Shamans have a very practical attitude towards dreaming. They’re the original pragmatists; they use what’s readily available to them and dreams are a daily free resource, so inevitably they’re going to tap into them.”

Dreams are an integral part of our lives and The Dream Whisperer provides an informative introduction to many aspects and theories on working with your own.

Chapter one looks briefly into the history and science of sleep; from the ancient world through to Freud and Jung and including information on sleep cycles and REM.  This is followed by looking at the practical issues of turning your bedroom into a dream sanctuary – a room conducive to restful sleep and quality dreaming – including Feng Shui, clearing clutter, location and décor.

In chapter three, ‘The Dream Gym’, the reader can learn to improve their ‘dream muscles’ with information about dream assessment, intention and techniques to improve recall.  The author then moves on to explore models of the mind; the higher self, the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and of the journeying world’s upper, middle and lower levels.

A wide range of dream types are explored in The Dream Whisperer including healing dreams, waking dreams, anxiety dream, nightmares and night terrors, hypnotic dreams, prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming.  Each theory is followed by useful exercises and examples of dreams are shared with interpretations.  Additional resources and reading are given at the end of the book for further exploration.

The Dream Whisperer is not a ‘dream dictionary’, although the interpretation of some common dream themes are looked at such as; losing teeth, flying and dreams of nakedness.  It also explores symbolic language so the reader can build “a personal search engine that will allow you to make connections”.

If you would like to engage more with your dreaming self and unlock the power and creativity of your own dreams, The Dream Whisperer will give you step by step instructions providing useful techniques and exercises to connect to the inspiration of your dreams.

Book Details: Davina MacKail. The Dream Whisperer.  Hay House UK (3 May 2010). ISBN: 978-1848501966

Review Details: The Dream Whisperer was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman magazine.

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