Embracing No Other

Embracing No Other

Embracing No Other

Embracing No Other is the story of one person’s journey of self-enquiry and discovery; exploring shamanism, spirituality and plant medicines from “the beginning of a process that brought up much from the depths of the unconscious, revealing how events, people and conditions from the past had informed who I thought I was – not who I was, but who I thought I was”. (Brennan: 2013.27)

Narrated in the first person, the beginning of the book is beautifully poetically written; starting with the author’s experience of a ten-day silent retreat and later exploring aspects including those of the shamanic world.   Embracing No Other then continues through the author’s experiences of plant medicine including hawthorn, ayahuasca, psilocybin, la dieta, and mapacho.

The author writes honestly and openly relating his personal perspective and emotions through his continuing quest, which does at times make the writing meander. However Embracing No Other is particularly worth reading for those considering working with plant medicine[1].


Embracing No Other was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine


Will Brennan. Embracing No Other. Tobar Trua (21 Aug 2013). ISBN-10: 0992633109. ISBN-13: 978-0992633103


Advisory Note: Please note that some of the plants mentioned in this book are illegal to possess and/or use in the UK and other countries.

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