Goddess Calling:

Author Karen Tate is passionate about Goddess spirituality and how the ethos of the sacred feminine offers a viable alternative to the current domination of exploitation and capitalism as evidenced in her book Goddess Calling.

An interesting and informative read, Goddess Calling was written with the aim of making the connection between ancient Goddess religions and their relevance today in politics, social justice and sustainable living, using this basis to also provide inspiration for personal guidance and empowerment.

Goddess Calling includes 20 ‘messages’ which are designed for use as talks for community gatherings (the equivalent of sermons), together with some useful ‘notes for speakers’. These inspirational messages also act as individual essays for personal exploration by the reader; including information on a wide range of Goddesses from varied traditions and relating this to issues we face both as individuals and within society today. There are also 12 Meditations which could be used for personal or group journeying points.

The book contains a useful sample ritual in its introduction for the reader to adjust to fit their own community service/ceremony should they wish to do so. Plus in the resource section there is even a couple of songs ‘We Call a Sound to Freedom’ and ‘Our Mother Within Us’.

Whether used as a starting point to create ideas for your own Goddess gathering or as a resource for information on Goddess traditions with inspiration about how we can all benefit from Goddess ideals Goddess Calling is well worth exploration.

Book Details: Rev. Dr. Karen Tate. Goddess Calling. Changemakers Books (28 Mar 2014). ISBN: 978-1782794424

Review Details: Goddess Calling was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine.

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