Trees of the Goddess

“There are twenty British trees that work very comfortably with the goddess and link to humankind. Over the ages people have brought them together in what we know as the ogham. Some say they are just an alphabet, a means of writing, but they are far more than that and far older, too, than many give them credit for.” (Elen Sentier, 2014:1)

Trees of the Goddess is a crammed full of information, walking the reader through 13 months and the 20 British trees of the ogham, plus mistletoe, in only 101 pages.

Information is given on each individual tree and plant from a wide range of facts, lore and concepts; followed by guidance and suggestions of ways to work with trees and allies. There is also a very useful chapter on how to make your own ogham staves.

A wonderful little book, Trees of the Goddess is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about the British ogham as well as for the reader who ‘just’ loves trees. I know I’ll be dipping into my copy again as a resource in future.

Book Details: Elen Sentier. Trees of the Goddess. Moon Books (25 July 2014). ISBN-10: 1782793321. ISBN-13: 978-1782793328

Review Details: Trees of the Goddess was reviewed by June Kent, Editor, Indie Shaman Magazine and published in Issue 22.

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