The Shaman’s Oracle

The pack contains 52 excellent quality cards and a hardback ‘explanation book’ which are contained in a good quality box with pull out drawer. A template pictorial of a hand is included in the pack to aid reading. Information is provided about Palaeolithic art which is found in Australia, the Americas, Europe and China and has inspired the artwork of this deck. Each card carries a different image. Information is also given about shamanism as an ancient spiritual practice and on how to use the cards and frame questions. A sample layout helps with this process. Beautiful poems accompany each card. The images are excellent in transporting the reader into an inspirational space where the reading flows quite naturally, sometimes without needing the book’s explanation. Each card is enjoyable to use, even those with a less than positive meaning, such as ‘The Spirit of Destruction’. The Journeyer card, which represents the seeker, seems to have wings and a light of bright yellow around the head. All wonderfully exciting images to work with; they certainly took me to the dark places hidden within the mountains where the ancient ones recorded their inner world.

There are five suits of ten cards each, titled Spirits, Ancestors, Hunters, Dancers and Shamans which represent divisions and boundaries, home and protection, transition and change and inspiration and spirit. There is also a card titled The Journeyer and a card titled The Companion, which represents our spirit guide. Try the five card layout where earth, water, fire, air and spirit are portrayed by each finger. It’s an extraordinary deck that will produce fascinating readings!

Details: John Matthews (Author), Wil Kinghan (Illustrator). The Shaman’s Oracle. Watkins Publishing edition (6 Jun. 2013), ISBN: 978-1780285238.

Review Details:The Shaman’s Oracle was reviewed by Wendy Stokes for Indie Shaman magazine

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