Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

The Crystal Wisdom Healing OracleCrystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

This updated and revised edition of The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle deck features 50 crystal oracle cards and a full colour illustrated handbook, nicely presented in a black and silver box with pull out ribbon.

The sophisticatedly silver backed and edged cards feature photographs of individual crystals on a black background with coloured edging representing five card suits reflecting the vibrational frequencies of the crystals within them. The cards themselves are very high quality and sturdy in addition to being a good size to be held in the hand and for ease of shuffling.

The 120 page handbook gives crystal profiles and meanings plus suggestions on using the cards; you can draw a card for immediate insight or use one of the author’s ‘lattice’ design layouts for more in-depth readings. The 50 featured crystals give the reader great access to rare crystals as well as presenting some of the more common ones and the cards can be used for healing should you not have access to the physical crystals.

A wonderful oracle deck for anyone who is inspired by the healing power of crystals.

 The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman Magazine

Judy Hall. The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle. Watkins (19 May 2016). ISBN 978-1780289403

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