The Return of Planet Sedna

The Return of Planet Sedna is not a traditional book on astrology. In 2003 astronomers discovered a new planet whose 11,500-year orbit ranged billions of miles from the Sun and because it was based in such an extremely cold environment named it Sedna, after the woman in the Inuit legend who was exiled to the frigid waters of the Artic Sea.

Although there are many versions of the Sedna myth, the main theme is an association with Sedna either providing or withholding sustenance, depending on the offenses committed by the living against departed ancestors and the beings who lived on land or in the sea. The Return of Planet Sedna provides six variations of the legend as well as exploring what messages Sedna’s return may have for us now.

There are also quite a few mentions of the relationship the myths in the Inuit legend have to shamanism, including that “Due to the fact that only a skilled shaman could appease Sedna, shamanism became essential to Inuit survival …”

However, if you like astrology there is plenty in the book! This includes an analysis of planet Sedna’s chart from the ‘birth’ at the time of discovery in chapter 4.

The Return of Planet Sedna is a highly original book, illuminating the story of this little-known planet and its relevance; definitely one I’d recommend for anyone interested in astrology but also has a far broader readership range than I first thought before reading it!

Book Details: Jennifer T. Gehl. The Return of Planet Sedna. Healing Arts Press (June 27, 2019). ISBN: 9781620557075.

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