The Magic of Shamanism

Avrick Baghramian, a student of Jonathan Horwirtz, didn’t set out to write a book, rather to study for a PHD, but her guides had other ideas and The Magic of Shamanism is the delightful result.

In it the author interweaves her own background as an Armenian, born in Iran but living most of her life in Europe and the USA, with how she found shamanism and her following experiences as a shamanic healer. The book also contains considerable theoretical information on shamanism which is combined well with the author’s personal journey.

This is a well written, well referenced and thoughtful book which covers the basic definitions and origins of shamanism, how people are called as a shaman and the initiations they may undergo, shamanic worlds and landscape, the shamanic journey, spirit helpers, shamanism as a spiritual practice, and ancient and modern shamanic healing. The ‘Magic’ in the title is the magic of the shamanic journey as a means of transformation and a whole chapter is dedicated to this including case studies which exemplify the transformation that is possible.

At several times whilst reading the book I found questions that I didn’t know I had being answered, bits of the jigsaw slotting into place as it were and for me this was a wonderful by product of the book. This is a book that I know I will read again and again for there is plenty more in there to find. I would recommend it to anyone interested in shamanism and shamanic healing.

Book Details: Arvick Baghramian, The Magic of Shamanism, Guid Publications Malta (7 Jan 2012); Format: paperback ISBN: 978-99957-32-15-8. Format: ebook ISBN: 978-99957-32-16-5. Available in English and Spanish.

Review Details: The Magic of Shamanism was reviewed by Yvonne Ryves, author of Web of Life, for Indie Shaman magazine.

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