Anglo-Saxon Rune Lore

Beginning with an introduction to Anglo-Saxons and the Futhorc, the Anglo-Saxon expanded version of the ancient Norse runes, Anglo-Saxon Rune Lore provides an excellent brief guide to Anglo-Saxon rune lore and interpretation.

An individual guide is given for each rune including its Elder Futhark equivalent, Younger Futhork equivalent, phonetic value and symbolic interpretation for divination. Ancient stories are looked into with guidance for interpretation in contemporary life.

Throughout this book the author quotes the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem as translated by Bruce Dickens in his 1915 work Runic; a complete version of the poem being included at the end of the book in Anglo-Saxon followed by its translation into modern English. There is also a very useful glossary of terms and bibliography for further study.

If you are interested in discovering these runes for yourself Anglo-Saxon Rune Lore provides an excellent basis, presenting the background to these ancient English runes together with wonderfully clear guidance on their interpretation and use.

Book Details: Herne Wyldwood. Anglo-Saxon Rune Lore. Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (17 Mar 2014). ISBN: 978-1497369184.

Review Details: Anglo-Saxon Rune Lore was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine.

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