The Land of the Fae

The Land of the Fae is Rob Wildwood’s third book and is a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening journey into the sacred landscape of Scotland, England and Wales.  The Land of the Fae compliments and strengthens his past writings, delving ever more deeply into the Otherworld by exploring those places where the Fae can be found and connected with. Rob embarks on a quest that takes him all the way from Cornwall up to the Scottish Isles, visiting fairy mounds, caves, natural springs and holy wells. He relates his experiences and impressions of each place with humour, historical research and a genuine spiritual sensitivity and reverence.

Rob is a seeker and a visionary who writes with an engaging style. Through using shamanic journeying and dowsing at the sites he visits, Rob tunes into the energies to be found at these places. His encounters with elves, hobs, tree spirits and animals make for an entertaining read that is genuine and heartfelt in its approach and intent. The result for the reader is a book that encourages us to explore and connect with our beautiful land and heritage.

The greatest evolution is by example and Rob’s book is a call for us to discover and honour our local springs and to show Nature respect by leaving offerings at the places we visit, to clear them up if necessary and to care for them. By raising our collective consciousness through being custodians of the land of the Fae, we come one step closer to helping and supporting the web of all life around us. Highly recommended.

Book Details: Rob Wildwood. The Land of the Fae. Wyldwood Publishing (26 Jun. 2019). ISBN: 978-0957543317.

Review Details: The Land of the Fae was reviewed by Joe Caudwell, for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was  published in Issue 42.

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