The Heart of Life

In The Heart of Life author Jez Hughes takes a thoughtful and insightful look into how the path of shamanism can bring solutions to the many current issues the human race suffers, both collectively and as individuals.

The author includes aspects from his own personal life story and experiences – it was during his first seizure as a child he first encountered a sensation he could only describe as ‘absolute ecstasy’. This was followed by a period of ill health, self-medication, travel, exploration and the search for personal healing. His initiation lasted a long time, over 15 years, at the end of which he felt connected to a far bigger reality. Following his own healing from shamanism Hughes went on to become a healer and teacher.

As Hughes states he is “deeply physiological as a person, as might be blindingly obvious through reading this book!” and The Heart of Life is an in-depth, honest and interesting read into his personal insight, experiences and discoveries as well as relating these to the wider picture/issues demonstrating how the practices of shamanism are very much needed today.

Book Details: Jez Hughes. The Heart of Life. Moon Books (2015). ISBN: 978-1785350269.

Review Details: The Heart of Life was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine

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