I, Energy

Since shaman, artist and writer, Gonzalo Bénard, was a child he accepted and understood that he was ‘just energy’ but, as he details in I, Energy, he has also experienced being in the trap common to many of us, created by our inner battles between logic and intuition caused by ‘Western thinking’. Bénard went through 3 days of brain death in order to ‘come back to life’, lived for 3 years in the Himalayas learning with shaman elders and from Buddhist masters and also spent time in Western Sahara with indigenous shaman and healers.

As Bénard states, old shamanic wisdom is now being verified with more and more evidence provided by science including that we inherit memories from our ancestors and that we are made of energy. There is a collective consciousness in the world and multiverse of which we are all a part and we all have an important gift to share. Bénard has previously published 3 books on photography as well as The Sacred Book of G, a book of memoirs and philosophy through an autistic mind. I, Energy shares Bénard’s personal experiences and discoveries as well as his thoughts and insight into a multitude of topics connected to shamanism and how these practices can benefit us all individually as well as the collective as a whole.

I, Energy is captivatingly honest and refreshingly unconventional. The book is written in English which is not Bénard’s first language – nor even his third – he speaks his native Portuguese plus French and Spanish as well as English but this adds to the charm as well as to the sense that you are hearing his voice through his words. And Bénard has a voice well worth listening too.

Book Details: Gonzalo W. Bénard. I, Energy. Blurb (2015).

Review Details: I, Energy was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine

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