The Enchanted Life

The Enchanted Life is Sharon Blackie’s second non-fiction book with September Publishing; her first, If Women Rose Rooted, examines how women can re-connect with nature through Celtic myth and story and is my all-time mantra for my own sense of belonging. The Enchanted Life is a sequel in some respects – the central theme of nature and our destruction of the world runs throughout both and is an impassioned reminder of how we can, or rather must change in order to save our planet. The Enchanted Life focuses on how we can reconnect and live in a more genuine way; how we can find meaning and re-build our damaged relationship with nature through stories and re-learn that valuing our world, nature and in turn, ourselves, can lead to “The Magic of Everyday.”

The book is divided roughly into four sections. Each offering information and methods to achieve a more authentic way of living, which includes homework style tasks which enable the reader to understand each point on a deeper level. These tasks seem deceptively easy; however I have found them to be powerful tools of deep resonation. Blackie tackles some intriguing topics, such as the myth of separation, offering the reader insights into the origins of such a point of view, including Descartes famous quote: “I think therefore I am”. Importantly, not only does Blackie debunk much of the separation theory we cling to but teaches us that even with small steps we can achieve the alternative hopeful view – that humans and nature are one and the same and how it’s possible to return to this belief. Looking at animism, the belief that all things are alive and have a spirit, is another premise and Blackie develops the notion of a reciprocal relationship with the things around us by introducing some interesting people and wonderful stories as examples.

Throughout the book, Blackie inspires the reader to be brave and take the first step to finding the magic in their own lives. The reader is emboldened to seek out the stories within ourselves right now and in the landscape of belonging that surrounds us. The reader is encouraged to deeply question the places, both personal and archetypal, that bring us a sense of our identity, nourish us and encourage us to participate fully in the world – “Everything is Waiting for You”.

Book Details: Sharon Blackie. The Enchanted Life. September Publishing (27 Feb. 2018). ISBN: 978-1910463888

Review Details: The Enchanted Life was reviewed by Thea Prothero.

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