Seven Ages of the Goddess

Seven Ages of the Goddess (edited by Trevor Greenfield) contains the collected voices and knowledge of a group of new and more established writers. Sourced from myth, folklore, fact, fairy tale and personal experience, it traces the hallowed history of the Sacred Feminine from the Stone Age to the present day and beyond.

Divided, as the title suggests, into seven sections from ‘Ancient Goddess’ to ‘Tomorrow’s Goddess’ and containing subjects as diverse as the Stone Age Goddess, Lilith and Eve, the Eleusinian Mysteries, Mary Magdalene, Mother Goose, Gaia and Nature and the Goddess in the Machine among others, it also tells how She remained hidden within our culture and history, of Her eventual ‘rebirth’ in recent times and of the intersectional, nonbinary, and ever evolving nature of Her future aspects.

This is one of those books you can sit down and read from cover to cover or simply pick and choose what draws you. Here you will find the Goddess in all Her pre-historic, Pagan, Christian, Techno-pagan and other forms. You will find much of interest, many ideas to question and a lot to think about.  As it says in Jane Meredith’s excellent introduction, “The writings in this book can be an entry point, a confirmation, a provocation and a jumping off point for your own exploration”.

Whether your relationship with Her is intellectual, emotional or spiritual, if you have ever wondered about the words ‘The Goddess’, their history or what they might mean to the world around you today, if you have just found Her or She has walked beside you all your life there is something and, perhaps, more than something in this book for you.

Book Details: Trevor Greenfield, editor. Seven Ages of the Goddess. Moon Books (31 Aug. 2018). ISBN: 978-1785355585

Review Details: Seven Ages of the Goddess  was reviewed by Martin Pallot and the review was published in Issue 38 of Indie Shaman.

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