Sacred Landscape: Caves and Mountains

In this first of the Sacred Landscape series, the author, Mélusine Draco shares her extraordinary, in-depth knowledge, well researched facts and appreciation for numerous notable mountains, caves and volcanoes, from a multitude of perspectives, such as their appeal in terms of their formations, to their sacredness and relevance in various cultures and belief systems.

Every page contains a wealth of information that will most certainly take readers on an exploratory journey of these incredible places of power and sacred sites around the world, whilst adding to their own understanding and further igniting their passion for all they will discover through the pages of this wonderful book.

As well as being a gem for any reader with an interest in geology, the author cleverly includes facts about the cultural beliefs and practices associated with many of the sites she mentions and brings the history of these landscape formations and spiritual relevance together, beautifully.

The detail in which various spiritual practices are explained in relation to specific sacred sites is very interesting and definitely creates a need to know even more. Upon completing this book, the author’s obvious passion for these magnificent landscapes will definitely be shared by the reader.

Mélusine Draco, a writer of numerous books, originally trained in the magical arts of traditional British Old Craft with Bob and Mériém Clay-Egerton. For over 20 years she has been a magical and spiritual instructor with Arcanum and the Temple of Khem. She now lives near the Galtee Mountains in Ireland.

Book Details: Mélusine Draco. Pagan Portals – Sacred Landscape: Caves and Mountains. Moon Books (28 Aug. 2020). ISBN: 978-1789044072

Review Details: Sacred Landscape: Caves and Mountain was reviewed by Nisha Patel for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 49.

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