Guided Visualisations: Pathways into Wisdom and Witchcraft

This book on guided visualisations, in Moon Books ‘Pagan Portals’ series, is short (83 pages) but loaded. The author begins by describing why the visualisations are useful as tools for spiritual practice and explaining the best way to use them. She ends the book by encouraging the reader to have a go at writing their own guided visualisations. As the title suggests, the author writes from a Wiccan perspective but the visualisations can be adapted to the reader’s taste.

The main part of the book is a collection of guided visualisations that can be used at various times and for different reasons. It starts with some short, practical ones that can serve to get the reader used to the practice of visualisation, then moves on to some specific visualisations for special occasions such as the wheel of the year, the full moon and the elements. Finally there are three visualisations that can be used for divination and scrying.

This is a fine collection of guided visualisations for many Wiccan occasions as well as a great way to give the reader confidence to write their own. It would have been better still with an accompanying CD or digital download – if you record them yourself then, of course, you have to listen to the sound of your own voice, which I, for one, am not a fan of!

Book Details: Lucya Starza. Pagan Portals – Guided Visualisations: Pathways into Wisdom and Witchcraft. Moon Books (11 Dec. 2020). ISBN: 978-1789045673

Review Details: Guided Visualisations: Pathways into Wisdom and Witchcraft was reviewed by Karon Lyne for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 49.

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