Sacred Energies of the Sun & Moon

This is an exceptionally detailed book about how to work with the sacred energies of the sun and moon, based on ancient Latin American shamanic healing practices in which day and night are divided into specific intervals depending on the movements of the sun and moon.

Throughout the book author, Erika Buenaflor, provides detailed and easy to understand explanations and step by step instructions on how to use each specific time of day and night to connect with ethereal energies for purposes such as: recharging the physical body; strengthening personal power; spiritual wisdom; transformation; connecting with spirit animal guides; promoting shamanic dreamwork; connecting with ancestors; making offerings and bringing about personal healing at the deepest of levels.

Interesting, detailed chapters on how the energies of the sun and moon are intertwined with ancient Mesoamerican belief systems and culture and their solar and lunar deities engage the reader’s interest from the start. Indeed, the book goes on to exceed expectation with carefully organised subsequent chapters detailing a vast number of rites; each with further learning through recommendations for specific herbs and their preparation, the use of specific crystals and even how to use these with corresponding chakras – and always in relation to their associated rites. To add even more interest, there are also insightful case studies at the end of each chapter.

There is so much to be learnt from every page of this book that it is very likely to be viewed as a treasure by anyone who has the pleasure of reading it. The understanding that by consciously working with the rhythms of the sun and moon and their sacred energies, we can enhance our wellbeing in a traditional holistic sense is completely remarkable and will be of appeal to anyone; especially those who are drawn to a more connected way of life with celestial energies in relation to solar and lunar phases or those interested in or already on a shamanic path.

Book Details: Erika Buenaflor. Sacred Energies of the Sun and Moon. Bear & Company (July 2020). ISBN: 9781591433781.

Review Details: Sacred Energies of the Sun and Moon was reviewed by Badrunnisa Patel for Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 46.

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