Rewilding Yourself

Rewilding Yourself is Volume 2 in the Therapeutic Shamanism series by Paul Francis. Paul is both a psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner and his Therapeutic Shamanism is based in Michael Harner’s Core Shamanism. As such it explains the shamanic realms as divided into 3 main areas: lower-world, middle-world and upper-world. Rewilding Yourself is based in the lower world, the realm of Earth and Nature, and covers topics such as healing our broken connection with Mother Earth and finding your lower-world human guides.

One of the strengths of Rewilding Yourself is the many step by step exercises it contains, so you can learn and develop your practice based on your own personal experiences. The other is that Francis’ writing of his thoughts on the topic is a very interesting read in itself. I started off reading this book for review and ended up discussing things with the author in my head – always the sign of a good book!

You don’t need to have read Volume 1 in the series to read Rewilding Yourself but this book does assume some prior understanding of shamanism, particularly Core Shamanism. And being able to journey and having a ‘power animal’ is essential if you want to do the exercises, which include looking at issues such as intrusions and shamanic extraction, possession, disentanglement, hunting and gathering, expansion and ‘being-not-doing’ journeys.

Rewilding Yourself is an interesting read and highly recommended both for beginners as well as to those who want to expand their practice. If you want to learn Therapeutic Shamanism ‘from scratch’ I would recommend also buying the first book in the series, The Shamanic Journey.

Book Details: Paul Francis (10 Dec 2018). Rewilding Yourself. ISBN: 978-0995758650

Series Details: Vol 1, The Shamanic Journey. Vol 2, Rewilding Yourself

Review Details: Rewilding Yourself was reviewed by June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 47.

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