Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery

Keith G Lowenstein has written a detailed and in-depth book about Kriya Yoga, an ancient practice of meditation, yogic techniques and philosophy which has been adapted over the years to be more culturally inclusive. The author describes the development of Kriya and his own journey into the practice.  The book is very informative, understandable and practical and divided very neatly into four parts.

The first part is a description of Kriya Yoga and how it came about: how Ganesh Baba (1890-1987) felt that Kriya could be used to shift the collective consciousness of humanity and create a spiritual revolution. The energy of Ganesh Baba seems to shine through the pictures of him at the start of the book, even though they are in black and white. This part of the book is full of reasons why anyone can benefit from including a Kriya practice in your life as a self-regulatory technique.

The second part is the practical section, describing how to practice Kriya Yoga and how to devise a daily session for your life. The chapters in this section of the book look at using your body, mind and breathing during a yoga session. The reader is taught a number of techniques for each option and then encouraged to use whatever feels comfortable for the individual.

The third and fourth parts of the book take a spiritual and scientific view, summarising the effects of the practice of Kriya Yoga and discussing why people might want to incorporate it into their lives.

Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery offers a convincing argument as to why people should take part in Kriya Yoga and why it is important to have that space for themselves in their busy lives. It is a hard book to summarise, being so full of information – but I think that if someone is thinking about why or how they should practice Kriya Yoga then this book is for them. As the quote at the beginning of Chapter 13 states, “The Guru/teacher is within.”

Book Details: Keith G Lowenstein. Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery. Inner Traditions (10 Jun. 2021) ISBN: 978-1644112182

Review Details: Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery was reviewed by Karon Lyne for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 50.

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