Animal Spirit Wisdom

Animal Spirit Wisdom holds a wealth of concise, easy to understand information about the healing and support offered by various power animals, also referred to as spirit animals. The interactive style in which working with power animals is introduced and shared is truly wonderful because not only does this pocket size guide offer interesting perspectives and exercises to connect with each of the 45 spirit animals featured, it also provides readers with a beautiful suggested journey to connect their own power animals as a starting point.

The authors, Phillip Kansa and Elke Kirchner-Young, also suggest an alternative way of using this book where the reader can set an intention and simply open the book to receive guidance from the pages it opens to and by connecting with the wisdom of the power animal they discover through this method. The ease in which such approaches in using this book are explained by the authors are both inviting and endearing.

Beginning with keywords for each, every power animal is explained – how they help and the ways in which they bring protection through their unique energies. Kansa and Kirchner-Young also offer beautifully descriptive connection exercises to further support the reader’s experience in building a relationship with each of the power animals.

The authenticity of the authors’ knowledge and teaching experience is very evident in how powerful, potentially transformational wisdom is shared in a non-intimidating tone, flowing freely from page to page. The reader is sure to be drawn back to this delightfully useful and uplifting book many times.

Phillip Kansa and Elke Kirchner-Young worked and taught together as a spiritual and visionary couple for 21 years in Germany. They founded the Shaman Training of the New Age and held ‘soul-power’ events aimed at raising awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings. In late 2018, Phillip left his earthly body. Elke continues their work by leading New Age seminars and rituals.

Book Details:

Phillip Kansa & Elke Kirchner-Young. Animal Spirit Wisdom. Earthdancer Books (10 Jun. 2021). ISBN: 978-1644111154

Review Details: Animal Spirit Wisdom was reviewed by Nisha Patel for Indie Shaman magazine and this review was published in Issue 50.

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