Change the Story of Your Health

Author Carl Greer, like many of us, is getting older and spending more time dealing with health issues. However health issues can affect us at any time of life and Greer believes that each of us has a much greater ability than we think to understand our own body’s needs and access our inner healer. You do not have to live the story others have written for you; you can write your own.

The terms ‘healing’ and ‘health’ can mean different things to different individuals; when we are healthy we tend to take that for granted until we become injured or develop an illness we need to manage. We can then define healing as returning to our previous state or to adjusting to our new health story. Change the Story of Your Health gives practical exercises that can help us write a favourable story for ourselves using techniques and practices influenced by Jungian and shamanic traditions.

Greer, like all responsible practitioners, advises working on health and healing from a holistic mind-body-spirit perspective including taking full advantage of conventional medical practice which ‘alternative’ practices complement well. Techniques included in the book include journeying, dialoguing, chakra cleansing and partnering with the elements of nature to release ‘stories’ that no longer aid you.

Change the Story of Your Health is articulate, very accessible and intrinsically practical, aiding anyone who would like to access and use resources for healing, however they define it.

Book Details: Carl Greer.  Change the Story of Your Health. Souvenir Press Ltd (1 Oct. 2017). ISBN 978-0285643819

Review Details: Change the Story of Your Health was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman magazine and published in Issue 35.

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