Revealing the Green Man

Revealing the Green ManRevealing the Green Man

From the cave paintings around 30,000 BC and ‘shaman’s horns’ unearthed in South Yorkshire to the ‘leafy faces’ for sale in so many places today, Revealing the Green Man explores the evidence of archaeology, mythology and cultural beliefs throughout the world, revealing the reasons behind the existence and meaning of the foliate face or Green Man.

Revealing the Green Man is illustrated with interesting black and white images throughout which I think would have been done more justice in colour, particularly the artwork by Anthony Potts. But this may be because the book was produced to be at the ‘affordable end’ of the market and its content is certainly excellent value and wonderfully informative.

Author, Mark Olly states that “This book is not intended to be a complete and final work in itself” but he has managed to cram an amazing amount of well-researched information into a relatively small space. Revealing the Green Man covers a vast amount of ground in a highly readable, interesting format and is well worth buying.

 Revealing the Green Man was reviewed by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman Magazine

 Mark Olly. Revealing the Green Man. Moon Books (1 Aug 2016). ISBN: 978-1780993362


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